Underpass to avoid rail crossing

There is a feasible option for alleviating the Chichester level crossing
misery. The Basin Road Low Headroom Underpass.

The Council’s Southern Gateway Regeneration Masterplan dismissed
the provision of a bridge over the railway as too costly and disruptive.
The Basin Road Low Headroom Underpass could accommodate
over 90% of road traffic with a 2.7 metre headroom including for15
seat minibuses and many vans. With a 1.3 metre construction for the
railway support, the resulting 4 metre underpass depth can be
achieved with relatively short 60 metre ramps at a reasonable 1 in 15
gradient. These ramps can be accommodated, north of the Kingsham
Road junction and south of the extended Avenue de Chartres junction.

In the context of the Southern Gateway Masterplan the Stockbridge
Road level crossing could serve buses, cyclists, mobility scooter users
and pedestrians preferring an “at grade” crossing. Lorry access to the
City Centre is restricted by the Council’s Traffic Plan and a height
warning would be implemented. Low headroom underpasses are an
accepted mode here and in Europe.

This solution would also fit with the exciting Gateway + Plan featured
in the July 25 presentation at Pallant House Gallery and has been accepted into their vision. Of all proposals to unlock the level crossing conundrum, this option
could work. Chichester District Council, are urged to give this idea due
consideration, this is a once in a lifetime chance for a solution to the
level crossing embarrassment.

3 thoughts on “Underpass to avoid rail crossing

  1. Oh please , level crossings are safe if we are responsible users
    99.9% of people use them responsibly
    Cars pose a danger to humans, etc etc etc
    Underpasses pose a danger to pedestrians especially vulnerable groups at night bad things happen in underpasses, hidden places foster antisocial behaviour it’s also a flood risk and eyesore and down up gradient makes some challenges for mobility
    Plus the underpass pavement is too narrow

  2. In response to Richard Humphrey’s comment on the risks of a height limited underpass , level crossings pose a greater danger to human life, as acknowledged by Network Rail. The incidence of bridge strikes is highest where the clearance is closer to the normal height of 5.03 metres. There has been much research and regulation for signing and warning at such locations .

  3. I can’t see an underpass working that has a height restriction. The risk associated with the bridge/mainline being struck is too high. A bridge strike would disable the mainline Southampton/Brighton causing major disruption to commuters.

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