Chichester Trails – A journey through 2000 years of history

Chichester’s four principal streets still mainly follow the pattern of the Roman settlement, founded nearly two thousand years ago. The city walls – remarkably intact for an English town – also follow the Roman plan and contain masonry from the original construction.

The Society has produced eight heritage trails and a picture trail in downloadable form, the former also  available in digital form to use on your smart phone or tablet.


This comprises photographs of 47 images to find as you walk around the City. You can find further details here


There are 8 Heritage Trails.

The first four city centre trails explore each of Chichester’s historic quadrants that are divided by the four principal thoroughfares of North, South, East and West streets. Each quadrant has its own special atmosphere and distinctive history. A great rebuilding from the late seventeenth century replaced timber-framed thatched houses with the characteristic Georgian street scene of brick and stucco buildings that exist today.

The remaining 4 trails cover the specific topics – Inns, Pubs and hotels; Chichester during the Civil War 1642-1646; Churches and Chapels; Notable Chichester People

Each trail is available as:

  • A printed physical copy from The Tourist Information Centre at the Novium – there are no plans to reprint once the present stock runs out so If printed leaflets are not available obtain:
  •  A download by clicking where indicated in each Trail – note – be sure to set your printer to ‘fit to page’ to fit A4
  • A digital version which has the merit of being reviewed and updated.  These too are available where indicated in each Trail description.

Click on each Trail below for more information and to access the Trails

Trail 1 – North-West Quadrant of the City
Trail 2 – North-East Quadrant of the City
Trail 3 – South-East Quadrant of the City
Trail 4 – South-West Quadrant of the City
Trail 5 – Inns, Pubs and Hotels
Trail 6 – Chichester during the Civil War 1642-1646
Trail 7 – Churches and Chapels
Trail 8 – Notable Chichester People