Welcome to the Chichester Society

The Chichester Society exists to celebrate the attractions of our City and make sure they stay attractive.

And what attractions we have to offer!

  • One of the first Roman towns in Britain;
  • Cathedral with Norman origins;
  • Handsome 18th / 19th Century townscape;
  • Internationally famous theatre and art gallery;
  • Highly-rated modern University, College of arts & technology;
  • Active and high-standard literary and cultural scene;
  • Proximity to beaches, harbour and yachting centre;
  • Gateway town to the South Downs National Park;
  • All the attractions of Goodwood;
  • Benign micro-climate.

The Society was founded in October 1973 at a public meeting called by artist David Goodman to protest against the wholesale demolition of parts of the city. This was followed by a Town Meeting held in the Cathedral in June 1974 attended by some 1,500 citizens.

David Goodman – The Society’s Founder
The Society did much  then and since to confront such threats and you can see more on our archive page.
Present membership exceeds 700.  A list of past and present Executive Committee Officers of the Society can be found here

Now visit our ‘About‘ page to see what what we offer via this website!

Cathedral from Bishops Garden  (click to enlarge)
Bowling green Priory Park (click to enlarge)



Market day
Market day (click to enlarge)