Digital Trail 5 – Inns, Pubs and Hotels


Chichester’s earliest inns can be traced back to mediaeval times when they catered for pilgrims visiting the shrine of St Richard in the cathedral. Over time they came to serve all types of travellers, who needed rest and food after travelling along the notoriously bad Sussex roads. By the middle of the seventeenth century there were seven inns in Chichester, as well as 50 alehouses, taverns, and other premises that sold drink. Given the population was only 2,000 people at the time, of whom over half were women and children, it can be seen that Chichester was a boozy city and remained so until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Nearly 100 inns, pubs or hotels were identified when creating the digital trail using a variety of mainly online sources noted here – too many to create a manageable walk round the City. Hence 19 were selected for the walking trail (see the Digital Trail noted below) while the remainder were mapped separately (see the Digital Map noted below)


Note: the digital trail is updated as necessary so the contents will differ from the original paper-based trail, a pdf version of which is available here   

The Trail was updated on 2 December 2020 and now includes 19 establishments. Sources of information consulted are available here

To view the map you are recommended to enlarge it by clicking on the four-cornered symbol in the top right hand corner

You can make your own way to view individual pubs or follow the trail by clicking on  marker 1 at the end of West Street and follow the guidance along the orange line and marker number sequence in a general clockwise direction, clicking on each marker for more information about the building or object. The tour ends at the bottom of South Street.

The trail description for each of the 19 establishments is available as a separate post together with additional information. These can be accessed by following the links listed at the bottom of this page.

The Chichester Inn – Marker 1 (link)
The Duke and Rye – Marker 2 (link)
The Dolphin and Anchor – Marker 3 (link)
The Old Cross – Marker 4 (link)
The Chichester Harbour Hotel – Marker 5 (link)
The George and Dragon – Marker 6 (link)
The Park Tavern – Marker 7 (link)
The Hole in the Wall – Marker 8 (link)
The Fleece – Marker 9 (link)
The Nag’s Head – Marker 10
The Unicorn – Marker 11 (link)
The Eastgate – Marker 12 (link)
The Bull – Marker 13 (link)
The Cattle Market Inn – Marker 14 (link)
The Swan – Marker 15 (link)
The Royal Arms – Marker 16 (link)
The White Horse – Marker 17 (link)
The King’s Head – Marker 18 (link)
The Fountain Inn – Marker 19 (link)


NOTE: In producing the digital trail above the opportunity was taken to gather information about a further 77 establishments and these are accessible  in the digital map below. This is not designed as a walking tour, but  one could follow the marker numbering sequence from no. 20.  The amount of information gathered was limited by time constraints and what was available from the online sources. A main focus was to gather names of licensees/landlords. Hence much more could usefully be added. If anyone has additional information that could be added please email

To view the map you are recommended to enlarge it by clicking on the four-cornered symbol in the top right hand corner.