Digital Trail 4 – South-West Quadrant

General Introduction

Chichester’s four principal streets still mainly follow the pattern of the Roman settlement, founded nearly two thousand years ago. The city walls – remarkably intact for an English town – also follow the Roman plan and contain masonry from the original construction. These four city centre walks explore each of Chichester’s historic quadrants that are divided by the four principal thoroughfares of North, South, East and West streets. Each quadrant has its own special atmosphere and distinctive history. A great rebuilding from the late seventeenth century replaced or re-fronted timber-framed thatched houses with the characteristic Georgian street scene of brick and stucco buildings that exists today.

Chichester’s south-west quadrant is dominated by the cathedral and the Cathedral Close. Here Edmund Blunden beheld “its own simple character of communicative quietness”, while E.V. Lucas observed that, “whatever noise may be in the air you know in your heart that quietude is its true character”. Even in 2016 these statements still hold true. As well as the Close and the cloisters of the cathedral, there are also the Bishop’s gardens to enjoy. This trail also includes the west side of South Street and the River Lavant. The east side of South Street is included in Trail 3.

Note: the digital trail is updated as necessary so the contents will differ from the original paper-based trail, a pdf version of which is available here   


Below is an interactive map for Trail 4 covering the South-West Quadrant of the City. NOTE This trail includes a visit to the Bishop’s Garden which closes each day towards the evening, so plan your walk accordingly.

To view the map you are recommended to enlarge it by clicking on the four-cornered symbol in the top right hand corner

Start by clicking on the pedestrian symbol at the top right corner at The Market Cross. To follow the guide walk south along South Street and follow the orange line and marker number sequence in a clockwise direction, clicking on each marker for more information about the building or object. The tour ends where you began, at The Market Cross.