Chichester Proposed Parking Management Plan – the Society’s Response

The Chichester proposed parking management plan went out for consultation earlier this year and related to the earlier Roadspace Audit study which can be found here.

The study included various recommendations relating to parking and it to these that the Chichester Society has responded. Members of the Chichester Society’s Executive Committee visited the various displays and discussed the substance of the study. Their response has been submitted and can be found here.



2 thoughts on “Chichester Proposed Parking Management Plan – the Society’s Response

  1. Obstruction of buses is also a factor to be considered, in particular the routes along St James Road and Barnfield Road (though if parking on the latter is restricted, it would become even more of a rat-run, in itself undesirable)

  2. Parking around schools on the East Broyle Estate and in Sherbourne Road need to be managed better to alleviate a dangerous situation. With parking on both sides of the road one cannot see oncoming traffic let alone children crossing.

    Why the Councils have overlooked the provision of P and R over the years and has allowed development on suitable sites is a mystery and so frustrating. It works well in Winchester where we visit frequently and is the obvious solution.

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