Objection to Westhampnett housing development

The Society objected to the large scale housing at Westhampnett. The following is a summary of its submission to the Chichester District Council.

1) This site conflicts with ‘saved policies’ to “protect the rural area” (Policy RE1), protect the identity of settlements (RE6), and to protect the local environment and setting in the landscape (BE11).

2) Any outline planning application here is premature.

3) The site is well beyond the Settlement Policy Area … and can’t even be integrated with the existing village.

4) The site failes no less than six of the criteria set out in Interim Policy Statement on Housing (FAD) of July 2012. Sadly this statement no longer has force, but it’s reasoning remains sound.

5) Any housing here would intrude into views from and into the South Downs National park, and hence would detract from the experience of visitors to the National Park, not to mention local events including the horseracing at the top of the hill and the festivals at the bottom of the hill at Goodwood.

6) The prosed link road into the development would detract from the rural quality of the lane and would also destroy a section of mature hedgerow identified as part of a Bat network.

7) The Draft Local Plan identifes no need for extra housing at Westhampnett. Even so, planning permission has been permitted for 100 houses on another nearby site. So Westhampnett is already delivering more than is being asked of it.