Software for Reading PDF Files

Software capable of reading PDF files (and so opening Newsletters, the Membership Application Form and various other documents on our Website) can be downloaded for free from (among others) Nitro, Foxit and Adobe* (these links each open in a new tab).

Please be aware, however, that the Society cannot guarantee that any software provided by a third party will be compatible with your system or free from malware.

* If you decide to use the Adobe link above, before clicking “Install Now”, please note that there is also a box titled “Optional Offer” which needs attention. Unless you are sure that you also want to install “McAfee Security Scan Plus”, you will need to ensure that you clear the tick box next to the text “Yes, install the free McAfee Security Scan Plus” (this box is ticked by default). This optional extra software is in no way necessary for the running of Adobe Reader™ and has proved to be a positive annoyance for a number of people.

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