Join ChiSoc

Become a member and help the Society maintain Chichester’s unique character.

Click to download an application form in PDF format (link opens in a new tab).
If you do not have PDF compatible software on your computer, please follow this link.

To reduce the adminstrative burden we now prefer standing orders to be set up via online banking rather than signed paper form, but this will need your membership number as the Society’s reference – please ask the membership secretary in the case of a new application;  forms may be scanned and sent by email to

Subscription Rates (revised for 2024*):
*payments by new members applying from November 2023 will be credited to 2024 membership.  

Single member (individual): £ 16 per annum (Standing order), £ 22 (Cash/Cheque)
Joint member (double): £ 25 per annum (Standing order), £ 30 (Cash/Cheque)
One-off payment life member (over 60): £ 250 single, £ 350 joint (Cash/Cheque or bank transfer)