Why can’t Chichester create a buzzy transport hub?

Bill Sharp says some places have well designed rail/bus hubs which show what’s possible here. 

Readers will know that the Society is concerned about plans to do away with Chichester Bus Station and replace it with stops scattered to some forlorn location or other. (See Newsletter 212, June 2022, pp 2-3).  The Society is keen to see this idea unceremoniously dumped in favour of one of two possibilities.
As one option, we suggest the existing bus station could simply be refreshed.  In most people’s eyes this building is, to say the least, down at heel.  But it does have its admirers. The insightful blog Beauty of Transport states ‘Chichester bus station.  The brickwork!  The windows!  The serifed lettering!  The cantilevered balcony!  I love it all.’

However, the Society is even keener on the idea of creating a new, fully-integrated bus/rail hub as part of the Southern Gateway re-development plans.

What might a combined bus & rail hub look like? 
Here is one interpretation for a new transport hub at Chichester – see the June 2023 Newsletter for the full article showing other examples.

Idea for a combined Bus & Rail Hub
Image by Andrew Bain