Honorary part-time treasurer required for ChiSoc by October

The Society relies heavily on volunteers and we have a wonderful ‘bunch’ helping with such tasks as stuffing envelopes, hand-delivery of the Newsletter and membership administration. So now the Chichester Society is seeking a part-time Treasurer for October this year to join the ‘team’ when the present incumbent Bob Wiggins retires after 3 years in the role.

‘Treasurer’ sounds daunting but in essence it is to keep proper financial records and to demonstrate this by producing an annual statement of the financial position of the Society. To provide more details the tasks involved are summarised below and as you will see the volumes or effort involved do not in any way require full time commitment – just as and when needed by the matters at hand.

  • Issuing cheques (2 signatories are required to sign, one being the Treasurer) – approx 40 pa
  • Receiving monies (cash and cheques) and paying into bank – approx 50 cheques pa
  • Depositing and recording standing orders with the relevant banks – approx 15pa
  • Recording subscriptions received against relevant members and identifying and following-up non-payers – approx 380 members pa (most pay in Jan/Feb when standing orders operate)
  • Recording receipts and payments – approx 112 spread over the year
  • Reconciling records with monthly bank statements – approx 112 entries pa
  • Providing quarterly financial reports to the Society’s Executive Committee – 4 reports
  • Preparing annual accounts and paperwork for the External Examiner and obtaining approval from the Executive for his report – approx over 2 weeks around August-September (our year end is 31 August)
  • Presenting the Annual accounts to the AGM (October) – oral and written presentation
  • Managing Gift Aid details and claims – usually twice pa around May and September using template provided by HMRC
  • Managing Society details with Charity Commission – approx 1 week over the year
  • Issuing invoices and receipts for the Society (currently mainly to advertisers) – approx 12 pa

The present record keeping systems used by the Treasurer are as follows:

  1. Membership application forms, standing orders and gift aid declarations for each member are filed as paper copies in membership number order (Membership contact details are managed and kept by a separate Membership Secretary) It is anticipated that the incoming Treasurer will continue maintaining the paper records)
  2. Membership subscription and donation details for members are held electronically in a Microsoft Access database (The Access database could continue if there is familiarity with the software – otherwise it could be converted to a spreadsheet format or even managed on paper, albeit less efficiently)
  3. Receipts and payments are held electronically using freely available software  VT Cash Book available here (also used by the External Examiner). (It is preferable for use of VT Cash Book to continue, but its records can be exported to MS Excel and managed thereafter in that format – or even on paper , but much less efficiently)

Bob Wiggins will be available to smooth the transfer of duties and demonstrate and explain the 3 records keeping systems.

So are you interested? Or do you know someone who would like to develop experience in the work or software used or could help in elements of these duties to add to their CV? We are happy to clarify or discuss any aspect further.
If interested or have any queries please reply via our contact page.

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