The Chantry, 27-28 Southgate

16/03916/ADV. The Chantry, 27-28 Southgate, Chichester. 1 illuminated fascia sign, 2 menu signs, 1 non-illuminated projecting sign, 2 written logo signs, 6 floodlights, 2 lanterns.

The Executive Committee considers that this retrospective proposal application is unacceptable because it contravenes the CDC guidance notes on “Shopfronts in the Conservation Area”. This is particularly with regard to the projecting sign, illumination of the fascia sign, the 2 entrance lanterns and the large circular wall painted logos prominent on the street and southern alley upper facades (which are larger and skewed as executed). We are concerned that this and other businesses flout the required application and approval process and though the Chantry proposal is an improvement on the Slug and Lettuce (which we objected to), such transgressions should be firmly dealt with.

The Committee therefore objects to this application and seeks that the Council refuses permission.