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57 – 58 South Street

16/03892/ADV & 16/03895/LBC; 57 – 58 South Street; non-illuminated 2 no. fascia signs and 1 no. hanging sign.

Objection. The fascia signage does not conform with published guidance(protuding lettering) and a hanging sign is unnecessary in this main thoroughfare location. Also, the pilaster should not be “striped”. The historic entrance  “C C Allen” floor mosaic must be retained and the proposed metal strip at the base of the stall-riser is inappropriate.

Richmond House 47 South Street

16/03692/ADV & 16/03819/LBC; Richmond House 47 South Street; 2 no. non-illuminated fascia signs and 1 no. non-illum. hanging sign.

Objection. Hanging sign completely unnecessary, adds to street clutter. The elevation sign with names could well be situated within the portico, rather than on the elevation. A simple brass plate is eminently more suitable for this type of building and more in keeping with the profession.

“Sweaty Betty”, 51A South Street

16/03931/ADV. “Sweaty Betty”, 51A South Street, Chichester. 1 non-illuminated fascia sign, & 1 non-illuminated projecting sign.

 The Executive Committee considers that this proposal is unacceptable because it has vinyl lettering instead of hand painted, and has no street number in contravention of  the Council’s Guidance Notes on Shopfronts in the Conservation Area.

Therefore the Committee objects to this application and asks that the Council refuses permission.

Richmond House, 47 South Street

16/03692/ADV. Richmond House, 47 South Street, Chichester. “My Dentist” hanging sign in marine ply and letter plate and wall sign in aluminium with vinyl in blue and white.

 The Executive Committee consider that this proposal is unacceptable because it introduces visual clutter, the materials colour & layout of the signs are insensitive to the Grade 2* property and is in contravention of the Council’s Guidance for the Conservation Area.

The Committee therefore objects to this application and requires the Council to refuse permission.

57-58 South Street

16/03895/LBC & 03892/ADV. 57-58 South Street, Chichester. “Crew Clothing” Non-illuminated 2 no fascia signs and 1 no hanging sign, and repair/redecoration of shop frontage in company colours

 The Executive Committee considers that the proposal is unacceptable because the aluminium raised lettering, the provision of an aluminium sweeper protection strip to the base of the stall riser and the insensitive banded treatment of the entry recess elevation, contravene the Council’s Guidance on shopfronts in the City Conservation Area

The Committee therefore object to this application and seeks that the Council refuse permission.

46 South Street

16/03681/FUL & 03682/ADV. 46 South Street, Chichester. Alteration to existing shopfront and 5 non-illuminated fascia signs.

 The Executive Committee offers encouragement to the “Entertainment Exchange” in this proposal to improve the much criticised appearance of this shopfront. We do comment that the appearance could be improved further by replacing the aluminium entrance doors with painted traditional timber doors and the removal of the over fascia lighting.

We therefore ask that the Council work with the applicant on delivering a satisfactory end result.