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Unicorn House 8 Eastgate Square

17/00489/FUL Unicorn House 8 Eastgate Square PO19 1JN
Change of use to A3 restaurant to ground floor, new entrance doors and fire exit doorway, mechanical extract shaft to internal lightwell and acoustic plant enclosure to flat roof.

Object. A more visually appropriate and less intrusive design for the extraction equipment.is required. We are concerned regarding the noise and disturbance created for local residents by the disposal of bottles and consider that saturation point has already been reached in the number of catering establishments in the immediate area.

Unicorn House, 8 Eastgate Square

17/00489/FUL. Unicorn House, 8 Eastgate Square, Chichester. Change of use of Ground Floor to A3 Restaurant, including new doors, mechanical extract shaft and acoustic enclosure to roof plant.

The Executive Committee considers that the proposal is unacceptable, because the roof plant with its acoustic enclosure is visible in street and upper level views and will disfigure this locally listed building and the Conservation Area. Therefore the Committee objects to this application and asks that the Council refuses permission.