34 The Hornet

17/01110/FUL. 34 The Hornet, Chichester. Removal of Condition 5 on existing permission.

The Executive Committee consider that this proposal is unacceptable because there seems no justification for setting aside the principle of providing for residents’ cycle parking.

With a little imagination, much seems possible. At the moment, the site is given over to dustbins to a remarkable extent, and also of course to cars. Less space devoted to either of these could create space for cycle storage. Also, at the back of the site, there is an unused hard-standing of concrete bridging the Lavant. This could be used for cycle parking (assuming it is within the curtilage of the building, and structurally sound). Alternatively, rather than a single site for a massed row of bicycle racks, there are opportunities to park smaller numbers of cycles here and there around the complex. Another idea might be planters with cycle locking loops attached (such as the “Plantlock”). Such planters would also serve to brighten up currently rather barren corners of the site.

Therefore the Committee objects to this application and asks that the Council refuses permission.