Inns, Pubs and Hotels – the latest Heritage Trail announced

Trail 5 – Inns, Pubs and Hotels

Chichester’s earliest inns can be traced back to mediaeval times when they catered for pilgrims visiting the shrine of St Richard in the cathedral. Over time they came to serve all types of travellers, who needed rest and food after travelling along the notoriously bad Sussex roads. By the middle of the  seventeenth century there were seven inns in Chichester, as well as 50 alehouses, taverns, and other premises that sold drink. Given the population was only 2,000 people at the time, of whom over half were women and children, it can be seen that Chichester was a boozy city and remained so until the beginning of the twentieth century.

Today there are only a dozen public houses in the city centre and no inns. Many of the city’s old inns have been converted into restaurants or private ccommodation. This trail includes both former as well as current pubs and inns. Download it here.

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Hole in the Wall (stop 6 on the Trail)

69 – 70 East Street – Costa

17/00747/FUL Costa 69 – 70 East Street PO19 1JX External seating.

69 – 70 East Street – Costa

Objection. A licence is required from the Highways Authority (WSCC) to block the thoroughfare. Such outside areas are inevitably subject to ‘creep’ and studs are needed to clearly mark the agreed area in agreement with WSCC. The screens surrounding the area will require separate planning permission if they include advertising. We are concerned with the effects of blocking the pavement and forcing pedestrians over the curb onto the cambered road surface, particularly for the disabled and elderly. Extra congestion on Market Days is also a concern.

The Boardwalk Northgate

17/00974/FUL 3 The Boardwalk Northgate Change of use of the existing building comprising shops and hair salon (class A1) and cafe (class A3), to form 1 no. restaurant on ground floor (class A3), 4 no. 1 bed maisonettes and 1 no. 2 bed flat (class C3) including associated access.

3 The Boardwalk Northgate

Objection. We deplore the loss of retail and office premises in central Chichester and consider that the existing use should be maintained. The proliferation of roof-lights damages the ‘look’ of this building in a prominent position, and the internal alterations will hide the historic Victorian timber roof trusses. There is serious concern that the flats and restaurant proposed would overload the waste-water treatment works, as per the correspondence from Southern Water.

150 St Pancras

17/00946/FUL and 17/00947/LBC 150 St Pancras PO19 7SH Change of use from A1 and C3 to A3 (restaurant).

150 St Pancras

Strong objection. While we would welcome the return of this important seventeenth
century building to use, we have a number of major concerns. A kitchen could not be installed without altering or removing existing historic fabric and would require an unsightly air extraction unit. There are no details of fire-escape provision from the upper floor nor of the waste disposal facilities intended. We note the apparent inconsistency in refusing an earlier planning application for a micro-brewery on this site which would have had shorter opening hours and not required airextraction equipment or alterations to the historic fabric.

The Foundry, 1 Southgate

17/01332/FUL. The Foundry, 1 Southgate, Chichester. To extend outdoor seating and create outside bar.

The Executive Committee comment that there should be no external speakers for music and that the hours of use be limited to 11 at night. We also point out that the situation on the external signage to the premises has not been regularised.

Therefore the Committee objects to this application and asks that the Council refuses permission.

71-72 East Street – Monsoon

17/01436/ADV & 17/01581/LBC. 71-72 East Street, Chichester. For Monsoon. 1 non-illuminated fascia sign and redecoration of shopfront.

71-72 East Street – Monsoon

 The Executive Committee comment that the proposal includes a drawing referring to internally illuminated lettering which must be withdrawn from the application and that the fascia must include the street number, both as required for compliance with the Council’s Guidance Note for Shopfronts in the City Conservation Area.

Therefore the Committee asks that conditions be imposed on the permission enforcing these 2 aspects.

49 – 51 Fishbourne Road East

17/01287/FUL, 49 – 51 Fishbourne Road East, Chichester. Redevelopment of Downland House HQ Offices as 38 affordable homes with associated parking, access and landscaping.

49 – 51 Fishbourne Road East

The Executive Committee while supporting the provision of affordable housing consider that this proposal is unacceptable because its 3 storey height represents overdevelopment in this location causing loss of privacy and outlook for Nos 45 and 47 and  loss of visual amenity along Fishbourne Road.


34 The Hornet

17/01110/FUL. 34 The Hornet, Chichester. Removal of Condition 5 on existing permission.

The Executive Committee consider that this proposal is unacceptable because there seems no justification for setting aside the principle of providing for residents’ cycle parking.

With a little imagination, much seems possible. At the moment, the site is given over to dustbins to a remarkable extent, and also of course to cars. Less space devoted to either of these could create space for cycle storage. Also, at the back of the site, there is an unused hard-standing of concrete bridging the Lavant. This could be used for cycle parking (assuming it is within the curtilage of the building, and structurally sound). Alternatively, rather than a single site for a massed row of bicycle racks, there are opportunities to park smaller numbers of cycles here and there around the complex. Another idea might be planters with cycle locking loops attached (such as the “Plantlock”). Such planters would also serve to brighten up currently rather barren corners of the site.

Therefore the Committee objects to this application and asks that the Council refuses permission.

30 East Street Ernest Jones Jewellers

17/01309/FUL, 17/01310/LBC, and 17/01311/ADV.
To alter shopfront, refit internally, and for 1 illuminated fascia sign and 1 illuminated hanging sign.

The Executive Committee considers that the proposal to illuminate the fascia and for a new illuminated hanging sign is unacceptable because it is in contravention of the Council’s Guidance Note for Shopfronts in the City Conservation Area. We also point out that the street number “30” must be incorporated on the fascia.

Therefore the Committee objects to this application and asks that the Council refuses permission.